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Armada Perkasa - Snyder Environmental
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Armada Perkasa

Asbestos Abatement
Asbestos Abatement
About This Project

Snyder Environmental performed partial asbestos abatement of a 693 ft FSBO vessel in international waters. Built in 1975, the ship contained various asbestos-containing materials that was properly removed, encapsulated, and cataloged for its location. Snyder’s abatement methods allowed the FSBO to remain in production during the abatement process. In addition to abatement services, Snyder provided an asbestos survey and an updated inventory of hazardous materials. The crew was trained on proper handling methods to manage most of the issues when maintenance needs arose. Snyder performed this work with short mobilization notice and did so for 30% of the price of the next lowest bid.