Hall-Davidson Case Study

Repurposing A Classic

Snyder Environmental was trusted by the Main Street Lofts development group to handle the environmental remediation of the Hall-Davidson buildings. The Hall building is now a beautiful luxury hotel.

Snyder Environmental played a key role in making this historic building a new modern destination in central Arkansas.

About the Hall-Davidson

The Hall-Davidson Buildings were Snyder Environmental’s 2nd Brownfields funded project for the Main Street Lofts development group. The Hall building has been fully renovated and converted into the AC Hotel Little Rock Downtown. This property features 1920s architecture and is now greeting new visitors in Central Arkansas.

The original project consisted of the complete abatement of all identified asbestos materials, complete interior demolition back to shell space, and complete stabilization of lead-based paint on remaining surfaces. Snyder completed the project approx. 3 weeks ahead of the developer’s deadline.

Case Details


Asbestos Abatement


Little Rock, AR

Year Built


Year Remediated


Services Used

Lead Paint Removal

Lead based paint has regulations that should be adhered to in order to assure compliance with state and local laws. Use a firm with experience, adequately trained technicians and the proper equipment to ensure the safety of people around the project and reduce the potential for fines or lawsuits.

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Services Used

Asbestos Abatement and Remediation

Asbestos is commonly found in fire-proofing applications, acoustical spray on ceilings, pipe insulation, resilient floor coverings, exterior sidings, caulking, and roofing materials. Asbestos is known for its thermal properties, durability and was very commonly used up until the mid-1970s. An estimated 3,000 products have been manufactured that contain asbestos, and there is still no prohibition on the manufacturing or installation of these materials.

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