Little Rock Air Force Base Case Study

Supporting Safer Skies

Snyder Environmental used state-of-the-art equipment to abate Lead-Based Paint in difficult to control areas of the Little Rock Air Force Base, eliminating unnecessary labor and possible Lead Dust exposure to employees of the base.

Utilizing modern technology, Snyder expedited the abatement process while simultaneously protecting Little Rock Air Force Base employees from exposure to hazardous materials.

About the Little Rock Air Force Base

Snyder Environmental was chosen and retained by Advanced Fluid Technologies, Inc. to perform the stabilization of Lead Based Paint on the massive hangar doors of Hangar 107 at the Little Rock Air Force Base (LRAFB) located in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Snyder Environmental’s adaptive approach and extensive knowledge of the methods and tool options for this type of work brought real value to the project by choosing to use a Vac-Blaster to remove the loose, peeling or otherwise deteriorated LBP. This method left the edges of the remaining, well-adhered LBP “feathered” and ready to receive the new coatings, thereby eliminating the need for the painting subcontractor to perform the “feathering” of these edges by hand and the potential Lead Dust exposure that would entail for employees.

The Vac-Blaster also made the daunting task of collecting all the removed LBP a non-issue as it uses a HEPA Vacuum to collect all blast media and LBP debris at the point of impact, thereby eliminating the need for the design and installation of an elaborate containment system. All abatement and disposal was performed on schedule and to the complete satisfaction of the LRAFB Environmental Department, who provided oversight for the work from start to finish.

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