Educational Facilities Case Study

Supporting Our Future

From primary schools to higher education campuses, Snyder Environmental supports the education system by providing quick, clean, and professional abatement and remediation of materials that pose various health hazards to students in educational facilities.

“Snyder Environmental has won several bids… because of their track record and their ability to get in and get [the job] done quick. Even though it may not be the cheapest price, it’s the best price for what we need done.” – Pete Moix, Bryant Public Schools Custodial Director

About the Educational Facilities

Snyder Environmental has provided abatement services for school districts across the region. Our educational portfolio includes work in primary, secondary and higher education campuses. From TIPS/TAPS to scheduling during breaks and offering appropriate discretion, Snyder is experienced in meeting the unique needs and performance schedules of our educational facilities.

These projects range from small floor tile and mastic abatements to large renovations consisting of the abatement of thousands of feet of asbestos-containing ceiling material, fire-proofing, thermal pipe insulation, and Transite. Snyder provides the abatement of asbestos-containing built-up roofing systems, resilient floor coverings, and HVAC insulation. In addition, we work closely with facility managers to ensure the seamless coordination of subcontractors in the roofing, flooring, HVAC, and electrical trades.

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Lead Paint Removal

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Services Used