Snyder Environmental provides professional sanitation and commercial decontamination services for biohazard spills and virus infections. You can rely on our experts to properly clean and restore your building’s site quickly, ensuring you’re fully protected from exposure so that you can get back to business. We hold our contractors to the highest standards, and we’re there for you every step of the way in your time of need.

There are various forms of Universal Waste and biohazardous materials that include Mercury, PCB, and bio-waste such as pigeon droppings and bat guano. Regulations on these materials are still evolving and can vary on a state-by-state basis on top of possible federal regulations. A clear understanding of the regulations set in place over these materials is key when performing abatement on a property and should be handled by a professional firm.

Our extensive industry knowledge and years of experience provide us with the equipment and resources necessary to protect you and your building’s occupants from toxic dangers associated with viruses such as SARS, COVID-19, and norovirus. These viruses are transmitted through the air, and they can also live on surfaces for a period of time, posing a great risk. Mercury is another biohazardous material that can have negative health effects on one’s immune system. Our commercial decontamination services are simple and effective, completely sterilizing your building and providing a safe living or working environment. Our teams are highly trained and certified in handling and disposing of toxic materials, and they understand the steps needed to make your facility safe again.

Delivering a Safe and Successful Decontamination Services

Our process begins with learning more about the virus and your commercial building so that our team can craft a detailed plan to ensure safety and success. Understanding the virus or biohazardous materials is essential for proper decontamination protocol and execution. We follow federal regulations in creating a tailored solution for your unique needs. Understanding your specific situation in advance is critical for the safety of our team as well as for providing a successful biohazardous waste removal service.


Facilities can present a health hazard to human occupants when viruses such as SARS, Norovirus, and COVID-19 are spreading and settling on surfaces, and decontamination steps need to take place to sterilize the facility. Additionally, bio-waste such as pigeon droppings and bat guano, and materials containing mercury and PCBs, present serious concern for public health and need to be handled with care when disposed of. Mercury is a toxic substance which is present in batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, thermometers and thermostats, and more. PCB is a chlorine compound that can be found in insulating fluids, old fluorescent light ballasts, electrical equipment, adhesives and tapes, plastics, caulking, and more.


  • When viruses are being spread, individuals carrying the virus may be quarantined, but the virus can still settle on surfaces and stay alive, risking the possibility of spreading to new hosts even though the original carrier is no longer present.
  • Large concentrations of roosting birds, bats, and other small wild animals and the waste they produce can spread disease and parasites in areas where humans are present.
  • Mercury can cause adverse health effects to the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and immune system of people of all ages, but is particularly harmful to the nervous system of developing fetuses and young children.
  • The EPA has deemed PCBs as a carcinogen for animals and a probable carcinogen for humans. They effect neurological, endocrine, reproductive, and immune systems, and can show similar effects to the human body as dioxins and neurotoxins.


  • Regulations on Universal and bio-waste can vary on a state-by-state basis. Universal biohazardous waste always presents a liability concern for the building owner and needs to be removed/disposed of properly, followed by proper sterilization.
  • PCBs were banned in 1979 but can still be found in products manufactured in prior years. Some individual states also have more stringent regulations on PCB containing wastes on top of the federal regulations.
  • Mercury application, export, management, and disposal is regulated through multiple different federal environmental protection laws.

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