Snyder Environmental is committed to providing residents of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Tennessee with the best professional asbestos abatement services. As licensed asbestos contractors, we help you improve and maintain healthy air quality in your facilities.

Asbestos is commonly found in fire-proofing applications, acoustical spray on ceilings, pipe insulation, resilient floor coverings, exterior sidings, caulking, and roofing materials. Asbestos is known for its thermal properties, durability and was very commonly used up until the mid-1970s. An estimated 3,000 products have been manufactured that contain asbestos, and there is still no prohibition on the manufacturing or installation of these materials.

We provide quick and efficient asbestos abatement services for any-size projects, from select building areas to interior and exterior demolitions. Our experts can craft and provide a successful solution for any job. Our process includes assessing problem areas and creating a manageable plan to remove all toxic asbestos materials and to provide a safe, healthy environment. It’s essential that you use professional, licensed asbestos contractors during demolitions and renovation projects. This ensures that workers and residents are protected from airborne asbestos particles.


Asbestos fibers can be inhaled and lodged in a person’s lungs then, possibly, migrate to other locations of the body. These fibers, loosened from deteriorating or damaged asbestos-containing materials, are responsible for causing asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.


  • Occupationally exposed workers
  • Children (prone to retaining inhaled fibers for decades)
  • Occupationally exposed smokers (enhanced risk of lung cancer)


  • Ban most mechanical system insulation and spray applied products, but do not restrict the use of most of the above list in new buildings
  • Specify work practices for the disturbance of asbestos-containing material
  • Require the identification of asbestos in schools (AHERA) and in commercial and public buildings that are to be remodeled or demolished by either assuming or presuming it’s presence or by sampling (OSHA, NESHAP)

If you believe your building is at risk, our asbestos abatement services can quickly respond and make sure you’re fully protected. We will provide an initial assessment and work with you to resolve the issue and provide a desired solution.

Snyder Environmental is proud to serve our communities and to keep your workplace or facilities safe. We strive for superior customer service and developing long-term relationships with our customers. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Contact us today to learn more; our experts will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have!