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Sheridan VA Medical Center - Snyder Environmental
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Sheridan VA Medical Center

Asbestos Abatement, Biohazard Remediation
About This Project

Snyder Environmental completed the asbestos abatement and biohazard remediation of the Sheridan VA Building #13 in Sheridan Wyoming. The building was constructed in 1907 and most recently served as the Department of Veteran Affairs Sheridan Medical Facility Bachelor Officer’s Quarters. The structure is approximately 15,147 square feet and consists of two levels with a basement and attic, constructed of brick, concrete, and mortar.

Over 13-tons of pigeon waste and bat guano were removed from the building.

Scheduled for demolition

The building suffered structural damage in 1974 by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake and has not been occupied since. During this 44-year period of vacancy, pigeons, bats, and other indigenous animals infested the interior of the building creating a severe health hazard throughout the structure in the form of bat guano and pigeon droppings. Pigeon droppings and bat guano measured up to 12 inches in the attic spaces and completely filled cavities between ceiling joists where no attic floor existed.

The building was scheduled for total demolition and required all waste material and asbestos-containing materials to be removed from the property.

Conquering the elements

Snyder’s initial mobilization began in January 2018 and was substantially hampered by cold weather dipping to -16° Fahrenheit on a regular basis. Snyder provided temporary heat, water, and electricity to the building throughout the decontamination process. A one-million BTU heating unit was employed to provide heat throughout the 16,000-square foot structure. Over 13-tons of pigeon waste and bat guano were removed from the building after it was rendered non-hazardous by saturating the waste with chemical disinfectants. Once the waste was successfully removed, the entire building received a post-remediation lockdown of an anti-bacterial infused encapsulant.

Asbestos removal was a minor part of the original scope of work. Mechanical system pipe insulation and non-friable roofing materials comprised much of the asbestos removal scope. During the salvage of hardwood flooring in one section of the building, it was discovered that the underlying vapor barrier contained up to 3% chrysotile asbestos. This meant that nearly 12,000 square feet of hardwood flooring and vapor barrier required removal prior to building demolition. The same vapor barrier was found underneath the roofing materials that were scheduled for removal under the original scope of work. This work required a separate mobilization in April 2018 and was completed in record time with a crew of 5 supervisors and 12 abatement workers.