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Family Dollar - Snyder Environmental
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Family Dollar

Snyder Environmental mobilizes within hours of notice

Within hours of the initial request, Snyder Environmental mobilized an 8-member crew to clear and clean the destroyed contents of a Family Dollar Store, which had recently been impacted by a structural fire in Hope, Ark.

At the time of the fire, the Family Dollar was fully-operational. No injuries were reported to customers, employees or fire personnel. However, the clean-up efforts at the site presented special challenges due to aisles of fire-damaged aerosol cans and liquid containers.

The Perfect Choice
The need for chemical containment plus an asbestos survey made Snyder Environmental the perfect choice for the retail site remediation. Once the property was deemed structurally safe, Snyder Environmental inspectors were released to perform the required asbestos survey and properly inventory the liquid products.

“Our timeline, from initial request to project completion, was five days,” said Justin Dixon, President of Snyder Environmental. “Within 48 hours of receiving the call, we performed the necessary asbestos surveys, inventoried the products that needed to be segregated, delivered the appropriate equipment to the project site, and mobilized our crews.”

Snyder Environmental mobilizes
The asbestos survey tested negative for asbestos-containing materials, which allowed Snyder Environmental to immediately mobilize an 8-member crew to clear the Family Dollar store of destroyed contents.

At the job site, the Snyder Environmental team segregated, profiled and properly disposed of the intact aerosols and liquid containers. Skid-steers were then utilized to make quick work of the burned retail contents.

Although the project moved at a rapid pace, Snyder Environmental crew members systematically maintained their dedication to a safe and organized job site. As debris exited the building, it was loaded and contained into the proper waste receptacles in the parking area. Through each step of the debris removal process, dedicated personnel cleared the parking area and building exterior of loose site debris.

Once the damaged store contents were removed, the project team provided the demolition of the cooler and freezer units, lay-in ceiling tiles, and the HVAC ductwork. Within five business days from the initial request, the Family Dollar project site was left clean and ready for total demolition.

Throughout the project, the Snyder Environmental team systematically kept all burned rumble and debris contained.
Throughout the project, the Snyder Environmental team systematically kept all burned rumble and debris contained.