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Our Team - Snyder Environmental
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Meet The Team

Snyder Environmental specializes in asbestos abatement, mold remediation, dust control, and lead paint removal throughout Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. Our expert team has worked with environmental remediation projects from Sheridan, Wyoming to Lagos, Nigeria and has provided the remediation and disposal of millions of square feet of Regulated Waste throughout the mid-south.


Joe Carter is CEO of Snyder Environmental, Inc., an environmental remediation company based in North Little Rock, Ark. Snyder Environmental provides the safe and compliant remediation of environmental issues, including asbestos abatement and lead paint removal.

Joe Carter


As President of Snyder Environmental, Inc., Justin oversees the overall performance, profitability and sustainability of Snyder Environmental. Justin is also responsible for business development and client relations and he diligently works to establish and maintain an honest and open relationship with all Snyder clients and vendors.

Justin Dixon


Kerrie oversees strategic marketing initiatives across all channels and market sectors for Snyder Environmental. As vice-president of marketing, her primary responsibility is to increase sales through successful marketing for the organization using market research, advertising, and public relations.

Kerrie Diaz

Vice President of Marketing

Daniel ensures that Snyder Environmental projects are delivered on time and within scope. He coordinates internal staff and resources, verifies project techniques and manages changes in project scope and schedules.

Daniel Harrell

Vice President of Operations

As Business Development Manager, Zac Farran brings 1000 hours of Level C HAZMAT time, permit-required confined space operation experience, asbestos abatement, and mold remediation to Snyder Environmental. Mr. Farran assists Snyder Environmental in business development, bid work, and project management. As a Marine Veteran, he served as an Infantry Mortarman MOS-0341. Mr. Farran has a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science and previously owned his own abatement company.

Zac Farran

Business Development Manager
Lora Lockhart-500×500

As General Manager for Snyder Environmental’s Oklahoma markets, Lora Lockhart assumes overall responsibility for sales and operational control of the Oklahoma market. Ms. Lockhart brings over 11 years of experience in the demolition field to Snyder and is one of the top project estimators in the Midwest.

Lora Lockhart

General Manager of Oklahoma

As Operations Manager, Steve Lawson is responsible for operational aspects of safety, scheduling, staffing, compliance, and work quality. Steve possesses the lowest license number for abatement activities in Arkansas and brings an incredible amount of experience to Snyder Environmental. He has seen the abatement industry grow from its infancy and offers leadership, teamwork, communications and a high degree of regulatory standards to all Snyder Environmental projects. His experience is critical in helping us exceed customer expectations.

Steve Lawson

Operations Manager