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Giveback Initiative - Snyder Environmental
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Giveback Initiative

Through this Giveback Initiative, Snyder Environmental donates the manpower and resources required to remediate existing above-ground spaces that allows for community growth.

Snyder Environmental believes everyone deserves space for growth. Our company routinely provides safe environments which support our communities, schools, and businesses. Our Giveback Initiative is a way for us at Snyder Environmental to say “thank you” to every organization working to make our world a better place.


If you are a charity organization in need of additional space or know of a company in need, Snyder Environmental’s Giveback Initiative could be a great partner. Through our Giveback Initiative, Snyder Environmental donates the manpower and resources to remediate existing above-ground spaces that will allow for community growth.

Snyder Givesback

Does your space qualify?

  Are you a charity organization with an active need for more space?

  Do you have an existing above-ground space that needs asbestos abatement, mold remediation or lead paint removal?

  Is your property a public space? (e.g. commercial buildings, schools, churches, daycares)

  Is your space located within our service areas of Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee or Texas?

  Are you the property owner and/or authorized to allow to work on the property?

If you answered yes to each item on the above list, we’d love to hear about your needs. Please contact us via the form below.