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The Snyder Advantage - Snyder Environmental
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The Snyder Advantage

Our level of excellence is not determined by outperforming the competition – it is by always providing our best. We hold ourselves accountable to performing better today than we did yesterday, and the results show.


Snyder Environmental’s internal culture of excellence ensures that your projects are approached with state-of-the-art technology and performed in a trustworthy and professional manner. If you’re faced with an environmental problem, our specialists work fast to provide a compliant, safe setting, and our systematic work flow helps us meet your quickest deadlines.

When you trust Snyder Environmental to solve your environmental issues, you receive more than quality work and attentive service. You gain the peace of mind that your environment is clean, safe, and compliant. That’s the Snyder advantage.


Snyder Environmental has the manpower, equipment, training, and knowledge to manage and abate regulated materials in extensive commercial, industrial, federal, and military projects.


Our employees have completed abatement projects totaling millions of dollars. Whether it is one large facility or multiple projects on a site, we can handle your extensive abatement needs.


We staff multiple crews and can remain on a job site for an extended period. We see projects through to their completion and offer stability and reliability during multi-phased and multi-year projects.


There’s a vast difference between serving customers and providing customer service. And as a leader in environmental remediation, we understand that difference.

With Snyder Environmental, you can be confident that we’ll listen to your concerns, respond quickly to your requests, remain true to our word, and solve your problems with integrity and honesty.

meeting the project’s anticipated start date0%
completing the project within the expected time frame0%
leaving the work area clean and organized0%
supervisor and crew performance and professionalism0%



The environmental remediation industry hasn’t changed much over the years. We believe that it’s time to build a better mousetrap. Snyder Environmental is committed to investigating and utilizing technology advancements that improve efficiency, safety, and the quality of our services. We integrate state-of-the-art equipment to better contain and remove toxic hazards, and we can accomplish more with fewer people. When we cut back on our costs, you save money.


Federal contractors are required to E-Verify all employees assigned to a contract that contains the Federal Acquisition Regulation clause. Snyder Environmental provides fully staffed crews who are E-Verified and meet employment eligibility guidelines in accordance with the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. When it comes to federal or military projects and contracts, Snyder Environmental can quickly get you “through the gate” at a military installation or federal project site.


A proactive and prepared environmental remediation crew translates into a safe job site. Our quality control is established in safety precautions, and our professional crews are trained to correctly handle, abate, and remove your toxic substances. Snyder Environmental is serious about safety, and our teams don’t cut corners when it comes to proper containment, disposal, and protective gear. We’re cautious, attentive, and meticulous.


Snyder Environmental creates, maintains, and makes available all relevant job records for our clients. Our firm provides detailed and accurate documentation of employee training, medical, air-monitoring, log books, and other records that provide crucial information to protect all parties from potential liability. We digitize our records and store them securely off site.


    Snyder Environmental holds asbestos and lead abatement licenses in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

    Snyder Environmental is licensed as a general contractor with a specialty in asbestos and no suggested bid limit.

    The TIPS/TAPS program increases your buying power in acquiring products and services, lowers administrative procurement costs, and improves overall business performance at each entity. You can now bypass lengthy RFQ procedures by using Snyder Environmental, an approved vendor of the TIPS/TAPS program.


    CTEH, the Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, is a science-based company that provides vital services to our abatement projects. Snyder Environmental believes asbestos is too important to be left to anyone other than the best, completely independent, monitoring firm we can find. Their team includes toxicologists, industrial hygienists, environmental scientists, medical personnel, and professional engineers. CTEH is well suited to help clients develop sound and workable risk management plans, manage responses to chemical releases, identify problems and concerns related to air quality, and assess chemical exposure.

    Snyder Environmental carries asbestos abatement and automobile liability insurance. Our general liability and pollution liability is $5 million per occurrence. We also have worker’s compensation insurance in accordance with Arkansas worker’s compensation laws.

    Snyder Environmental enlists the services of ‘A’ rated bonding companies to provide bid and performance bonds if required. Snyder Environmental has bonded in excess of $1 million.